Citizen Mavzik is a heart-warming and hilarious story of one Russian immigrant family's assimilation into American culture. It is a feature-length romantic comedy produced in the beautiful landscape of South Florida by an international team of filmmakers and actors. If you liked My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you'll love this modern and quirky tale of love, lust and foreign sensibilities.

Mavzik, an eccentric, retired Russian colonel, attempts to marry his sons off to 'proper' girls of his choosing. But the two young men have other ideas. When they both unwittingly begin to date the same attractive girl-next-door, Mavzik's plans are thrown into chaos. On top of that, he must come to terms with becoming a US citizen.

The project began as a screenplay for a low-budget film by the father and son team of Vilen and Alan Melikdjanian. The two set out to create a high-quality made-for-TV feature for the Russian market. South Florida seemed like the perfect place for the endeavor, with its extensive Russian community and a strong film production infrastructure.

Vilalan Productions assembled a diverse group of filmmakers and actors to produce this unconventional film which premiered at Cinema Paradiso in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Apart from beautiful cinematography and a rich, diverse musical soundtrack, the project is unique in its ability to combine the best aspects of European and Western filmmaking into a single movie. Russian-style acting and humor are blended into a fast-paced, American story structure to create a movie that is perceived on different levels by audiences from different cultures, but is funny to all.

A Premiere Edition DVD of Citizen Mavzik is available now.

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