Citizen Mavzik on DVD and On-Demand
After successfully premiering in Ft. Lauderdale as well as nation-wide on the RTV International cable network, the film is now available as an all-new Premiere Edition DVD. This international disc contains the original, uncut version of the movie as well as a multitude of entertaining bonus material and even a hidden "easter egg".

Buy the DVD

The DVD is available through several outlets online, including

Русскоязычным зрителям рекомендуем приобрести ДВД на сайте

On the Disc
l Russian and English versions of the film
l Animated menus in English and Russian

Bonus Features
l Deleted/extended scenes
l Footage from the set
l Visual effects overview with commentary
l Hilarious outtakes

And much more!

Watch Online NEW!

The ENTIRE FILM can be seen as a "TV on-demand" digital download from

(bonus features not included)

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